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Newsweek’s List of America’s Best Eye Doctors for 2021 Includes Many Indian Americans

Newsweek’s List of America’s Best Eye Doctors for 2021 Includes Many Indian Americans

Uday Devgan of Los Angeles was one of the eye doctors included in Newsweek’s list of America’s Best Eye Doctors 2021. (devganeye.com photo)

India-West Staff Reporter

Newsweek recently unveiled its America’s Best Eye Doctors list for 2021, with a plethora of Indian American eye care providers among the several-hundred-person list.

“Demand for professional eye care in the U.S. is expected to increase significantly in the coming years as the population ages. Not only are we collectively growing older, we’re also working our tired eyes harder than ever before as more and more of our time — both at work and at play — is spent looking at screens,” Newsweek noted. “Meanwhile, serious eye ailments, like glaucoma, which can lead to blindness, are on the rise. With all that in mind, Newsweek partnered with the respected global data research firm Statista, to find the best eye doctors in the country,” it said.

The publication looked at the 20 most populous states in the U.S. and selected the 300 best ophthalmologists (M.D.s who specialize in treating the eye) and optometrists (licensed professionals who have earned a post-college doctor of optometry degree). It did not rank opticians, who are trained to design and fit eyeglasses and lenses but not to diagnose or treat diseases or injuries.

The ophthalmologists and optometrists named among the top of their field included Uday Devgan of Los Angeles, California; Navin Tekwani of St. Louis, Missouri; A.K. Gulati of Kenmore, New York; Archana Seethala of Boston, Massachusetts; Inder Paul Singh of Racine, Wisconsin; Max Parikh of San Diego, California; Neil S. Patel of the Bronx, New York; Narsing A. Rao of Los Angeles, California; Rahul K. Reddy of Phoenix, Arizona; Shamil S. Patel of Glendale, Arizona; Anup Kubal of Jupiter, Florida; Sweta Kavali of Des Peres, Missouri; Neal V. Palejwala of Bullhead City, Arizona; Lena A. Dixit of Round Rock, Texas; V. Nicholas Batra of San Leandro, California; Vikram David Durairaj of Austin, Texas; Rishi Singh of Cleveland, Ohio; and Vikram Brar of Richmond, Virginia.

Newsweek’s research started with a survey of over 10,000 ophthalmologists, optometrists, clinic managers and other health care professionals who were asked to recommend the best eye doctors in the U.S.

What the publication was looking for were the doctors who had earned the most respect from their peers in three categories: the quality of care they provide, the continuity of care and the quality of the technology they use in their practices.

Taking care of your eyes is important and finding the right doctors can make a big difference, Newsweek said.

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