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Nikki Haley Makes Surprise SNL Appearance 

Nikki Haley Makes Surprise SNL Appearance

Nikki Haley Makes Surprise SNL Appearance 

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NEW YORK, NY – Republican presidential contender Nikki Haley made a surprise appearance on NBC’s “Saturday Night Live” on February 4, taking a jab at Donald Trump’s reluctance to engage in debates and his ongoing legal battles. Portraying a “concerned South Carolina voter,” Haley posed the question, “My question is why won’t you debate Nikki Haley?” during a fake CNN Town Hall with Trump, portrayed by James Austin Johnson.

The unexpected cameo drew cheers from the audience, and Johnson responded with a less-than-enthusiastic reaction, mistaking Haley for Nancy Pelosi. Charles Barkley, played by Kenan Thompson, corrected the confusion, referencing Trump’s recent mix-up between the two political figures. Haley, addressing Trump, humorously suggested he might need a mental competency test.

Trump, played by Johnson, claimed he aced the test, asserting, “They told me I’m 100 percent mental and I’m competent because I’m a man, that’s why a woman should never run our economy.” Haley, in response, raised concerns about Trump’s substantial legal fees, questioning if he needed to borrow money.

Recent federal election filings revealed Trump’s committees spent around $29 million on legal fees and consulting in the last six months of the previous year, totaling approximately $50 million for the entire year. Johnson, as Trump, countered by reciting nicknames for Haley, reminiscent of Trump’s habit of assigning monikers to his political adversaries.

Set in Haley’s home state of South Carolina, the fake town hall aimed to bolster support for her candidacy following disappointments in the Iowa caucuses and New Hampshire’s primary. Trump, through Johnson, expressed confidence in winning South Carolina, prompting Haley to inquire if he had won his home state in the previous elections. Trump had lost in his home state of New York in both the 2016 and 2020 elections.

The spotlight intensified when an audience member, portrayed by actor Ayo Edebiri, questioned Haley about the main cause of the Civil War, humorously alluding to her previous controversy in December when she omitted mentioning slavery as its cause. Haley acknowledged the oversight, adding a touch of self-awareness to the comedic skit.

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