HomeMain SliderNikki Haley Signs Israeli Shell: ‘Finish Them!’

Nikki Haley Signs Israeli Shell: ‘Finish Them!’

Nikki Haley Signs Israeli Shell: 'Finish Them!'

Nikki Haley Signs Israeli Shell: ‘Finish Them!’

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WASHINGTON, DC – Former US ambassador to the UN and Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley in her tour of an army base in northern Israel, signed an artillery shell intended for Lebanon with the message, “Finish them! America [loves] Israel always.” The picture of Haley signing the shell has been widely circulated on social media.

Haley’s views gain importance in the backdrop of her getting back in the good books of Donald Trump by saying she will vote for him after calling  him “unhinged” on the campaign trail.

Israeli Heritage Minister Amichay Eliyahu shared the photo on his social media, praising Haley for not being “blinded by the lies of progression and the temples of false wisdom,” and calling her “one of the most important ones.” Hanoch Milwidsky, a Likud Party member of the Israeli Knesset, also posted the photo, expressing his admiration for Haley as a “true friend of Israel.”

During her visit to northern Israel, Haley expressed her solidarity with Israel, reiterating strong support for the country despite what she said were media narratives. She emphasized the importance of unwavering US support for a strong Israel, stating, “We need a strong Israel, and the only way Israel will be strong is when the US supports Israel completely, unapologetically.”

Earlier, in a statement on May 27, Haley accused Iran of orchestrating an attack with Russian intelligence support and Chinese funding. It may be recalled that the Russian president, Vladamir Putin had hosted Hamas leaders in Moscow after the October 7 massacre. She asserted, “They are all murderers and accomplices. If we really mean it is not going to happen again, we must be honest and truthful to ourselves about who did this.” Haley also warned that complacency in America could lead to similar events happening in the US.

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  • Nikki Haley’s actions and words seem to be playing to Trump’s playbook, aligning herself with a hawkish stance that echoes past and present aggressive policies. In a region already fraught with historical and ongoing conflict, is this the kind of leadership we need? Shouldn’t we be advocating for peace and diplomacy rather than escalating tensions? Let’s reflect on the implications of such rhetoric and its impact on global peace and security.

    May 29, 2024
  • I fully agree with Nikki Haley. God Bless Israel.

    May 29, 2024
  • USA has to manage its internal issues rather than worry about global issues….war mongering is not a solution. Niki Haley is acting like a jihadi. What’s the difference?? As a democracy find solution through other means, and not retort in the same manner as the terrorist, thereby creating more damage to civilians mainly children. Haley is escalating more tensions rather finding solutions. Americans think that they are all Rambo’s. Very immature.

    May 29, 2024
  • Oh! No! Not again Nikki. We thought your Republican primary campaign had some signs of maturity; however, it was wishful thinking on our part. Your statements on the Gaza conflict are not only childish but are outright unethical for a past public official like you. How can you watch the killings of hundreds of innocent children and women, sick and injured people each day by the Israeli demagogues, and make irresponsible statements, verbal and in graffiti about finishing the non-Israelis in this Middle East conflict? I think Trump was not too far from the truth in his characterization of you as a “birdbrain.”

    May 29, 2024

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