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No, Not Fox News, a Real Fox Goes After Ami Bera


No, Not Fox News, a Real Fox Goes After Ami Bera

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WASHINGTON, DC – “I expect to get attacked if I go on Fox News, I don’t expect to get attacked by a fox,” Democratic Congressman Ami Bera said after being bitten by a fox.

The California representative was nipped on the leg by a fox on his way into the office on Apr.5.

“We have received several reports of aggressive fox encounters on or near the grounds of the US Capitol,” the Capitol Police tweeted the same afternoon. “For your safety, please do not approach any foxes,” the tweet warned. “Animal Control Officers are working to trap and relocate any foxes they find.”

Soon the fox was the talk on the Hill. Senator Amy Klobuchar tweeted, “Directly crossed paths with this fox today as it strolled straight down the sidewalk in front of the office at a fast pace.”

Political reporter Ximena Bustillo said that she too had been bitten.

Senate Minority Leader and Republican Mitch McConnell was asked during a press conference if he’d seen the fox.

Hours later, Capitol Police sent out a tweet with accompanying images, simply stating, “Captured.”

Bera meanwhile joked in a tweet, “What does the fox say? Last night, I found out.” But Ami Bera, a physician, added, “Joking aside, animal bites are extremely serious. In the case of an encounter, please speak with a physician immediately.”

A spokesperson for Bera said the lawmaker went to Walter Reed Hospital where he received shots for rabies and tetanus as well as immunoglobulins, “out of an abundance of caution.”

Red foxes are not uncommon in Washington, D.C., as Rock Creek Park is home to a number of mammals.

There are also numerous fox den sites on the National Mall but their locations may change from year to year, according to the National Parks Service.

Red foxes live throughout the continental US, though the foxes on the National Mall may spend their entire lives here, the agency noted.

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