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#NoMoreMissingMeat Says Vir Das


#NoMoreMissingMeat Says Vir Das

MUMBAI, (IANS) – Have you made the switch to a plant-based diet? Are you turning vegan? Comic Vir Das relies on plant protein-based meat products for a healthier lifestyle. He talks about his life without meat and his relationship with food.

What’s your take on plant-based meat?

Vir: I love them. On days I don’t eat meat due to any reason, I love the option of not having to miss it. It is an excellent alternate source of protein, and it’s a great option to serve to my family and friends whenever I’m hosting a gathering or a party.

Do you explore places and food during your global tours?

Vir: Yes, I am a hardcore foodie and it’s always fun to be able to taste different delicacies from different parts of the world when I am traveling. With all the traveling that I get to do, food is always an important part of all the new places I discover and tour in. But I love Asian food. The flavor always smacks.

What are the 5 food items that you would carry while traveling?

Vir: My top choices would be cookies, makhana, or a big mug of flavored coffee.

Which dish do you crave the most at any given point?

Vir: Having lived in Delhi, I think lip-smacking aloo parathas are the go-to comfort food that I crave the most.

How do you prep for your tours? Do you follow a creative process for the same?

Vir: When prepping I like to switch it off. Most importantly, I write to myself first and then jam with my team. To get in the zone I prefer going away for a while and giving myself space to create something new.

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