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On Drive From SFO Airport, Sid Sriram Mulls Over Meaning of Home

On Drive From SFO Airport, Sid Sriram Mulls Over Meaning of Home

SAN FRANCISCO, CA (IANS) – One of South India’s top singers, Sid Sriram said that he finds home to be an interesting concept and that he often comes back to the question of what it is.

He wrote a lengthy post on the topic, he wrote: “Home is an interesting concept. It’s layered, nuanced, and deeply emotional.”

“I was on the freeway on my way to the SFO airport yesterday and couldn’t stop staring at the sky. It was dusk, the sky was gradually changing from glowing orange to a dark blue. The clouds were black, sprawling, and flat. Admittedly, I’m on my phone now way more than I’ve ever been before. But my phone was dead in the car yesterday.”

“I stared at the sky, the walls lining the freeway, other cars, and the only thought that kept occurring to me was home.”

“What is it? Is it supposed to instill comfort, is it a respite from chasing the fleeting glimmers of whatever truths we’re after? Or is it the truth itself?

“I spend a lot of time in my own head. Sifting through memories, ideas, sources of pain/joy, perceptions of the world, perceptions of self, deep-rooted fears, insecurities, and varying shades of my own ego.

“I people-watch a whole lot too when I get the chance. And what I’ve realized is that as humans, we don’t yearn for just connection, we yearn for connection with purpose. As beings with sentience, intelligence, emotional aptitude, intellectual ability, without it even reaching our conscious thoughts, our brains work in conjunction with our souls to connect with others to construct meaningful visions for the future.”

“I will always believe with every fiber of my being, that at the core of the human spirit is the desire and need to be constructive, not destructive.”

“About a year and a half ago, I went to a new city to make music with people I’d never met before. Those people quickly became family, we made music that felt like emotional alchemy. Connection with purpose. With my belief in that idea getting stronger every day, I keep finding myself coming back to the question: what is home?”

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