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Orry Describes His Style As Unbothered And Unserious


Orry Describes His Style As Unbothered And Unserious

MUMBAI (IANS) – B-Town celebs’ bestie and social media sensation Orry, whose real name is Orhan Awatramani, not only makes news for partying with the bigwigs of tinseltown but also his fashion, which he defines as “unbothered, unserious and edgy”.

Defining his style, Orry, who is currently flaunting blonde hair color, said, “Unbothered, Unserious and always effortless (but only in appearance) yet edgy and aesthetically depressed.”

He then shared some words of wisdom on fashion trends that Gen-Z set should be followed as “that’s what hip, hot, and that’s what’s cool”.

Orry, 24, said: “I learned at a young age… Only teenagers can decide what is cool and no one else. And so the trends Gen-Z set, are the trends to follow and abide by, that’s what hip that’s what’s hot and that’s what’s cool.”

He loves the “Zoomers” fashion because “it’s young, it stresses on one expressing their own true individuality without the burden of who’s watching and commenting, it’s immune to criticism.”

Orry, who is setting up a meet and greet for his “friends, fans, minions and potential minions, on April 15, added: “I also love that Gen-Z fashion emphasizes the importance of sustainability always, they know the importance of being eco-friendly and bringing the earth back to what it once was.”

Talking about who is the most stylish Gen-Z stars, Orry replied “Vedang Raina and Tania Shroff”.

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