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Pak Beats India At UNESCO Elections

Pak Beats India At UNESCO Elections

Vishal Sharma who is India’s representative in Paris. Photo: Instagram

NEW DELHI – Pakistan, on November 24, beat India for the position of vice chair in an election at the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

While 38 members of the 58-member executive board in a secret ballot voted for Islamabad’s candidate, only 18 voted for New Delhi’s representative, and two countries abstained. This, analysts told the media shows that the Global South nations, who form the majority have voted for Pakistan.

Livemint, quoting other media sources, reported that India’s Ministry of External Affairs and the Ministry for Human Resource Development, which appoints the Indian UNESCO rep in Paris were reviewing the defeat.

India’s representative at UNESCO, Vishal Sharma, a political appointee – he was officer on special duty to Narendra Modi when the latter was Gujarat chief minister – has come under scrutiny, Indian media said. (with agency inputs)

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  • India should pass the law stating that any UN resolution that conflicts with India law is null and void. Indie should also pull out any treaties that it no longer agrees with. The UN is an organization that often bullies India. Unless India’s interests are addressed by the UN, including granting a permanent seat in the Security Council, India should ignore the UN.

    December 11, 2023

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