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Papon Reveals ‘Bulleya’ From ‘Sultan’ Was Conceived Differently

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Papon Reveals ‘Bulleya’ From ‘Sultan’ Was Conceived Differently

MUMBAI, (IANS) Salman Khan’s blockbuster sports-drama film ‘Sultan’ celebrated its seventh anniversary on July 6th. The film not only resonated with the audience but also featured an exceptional soundtrack that captivated listeners.

One of the standout tracks from the film was ‘Bulleya,’ sung by renowned artist Papon. On the occasion of the song’s seven-year milestone, Papon expressed his gratitude for the overwhelming love and support received by ‘Bulleya’ over the years. He also acknowledged the contributions of Vishal-Shekhar, the composers, and Irshad Kamil, the lyricist, in shaping the song’s success.

Papon revealed that the original version of ‘Bulleya’ differed significantly from the final output. During the recording process, Vishal and Shekhar took a break and engaged in a conversation with him. They shared a distinct perspective on the song, considering it from a different angle, including the possibility of a higher pitch.

Curious about their vision, Papon eagerly awaited their return. When they came back, he inquired if the new approach was effective. Vishal and Shekhar responded enthusiastically, affirming that it sounded like gold. Papon vividly remembered Vishal’s words, as he believed they had stumbled upon something remarkable. The singer expressed his delight at being the voice behind such a special and cherished song, which now holds a significant place in their lives.

‘Bulleya’ seamlessly blends Sufi and contemporary music, merging traditional sounds with modern arrangements. This melodious fusion resonates deeply with listeners, making it a perennial favorite wherever it is played.

As ‘Sultan’ continues to leave a lasting impression on its seventh anniversary, the enchanting song ‘Bulleya’ stands as a testament to the film’s enduring impact on audiences.

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