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Poll Numbers Dropping, Raging Against CNN, Ramaswamy Will Skip GOP Debate


Poll Numbers Dropping, Raging Against CNN, Ramaswamy Will Skip GOP Debate

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WASHINGTON DC (ANI) – Indian American Republican Vivek Ramaswamy announced that he won’t be participating in the fifth GOP debate in Iowa and will instead be doing a live audience show.

He lashed out at CNN — the forum hosting the Republican debate — over their “shenanigans” and predicted that it would be the “most boring” debate in history.

“Forget @CNN’s fake Iowa “debate” on Jan 10 which will be the most boring in modern history. We’re doing a live audience show that night in Des Moines with @Timcastinstead. Won’t hold back. Here’s the backstory on CNN’s shenanigans,” Ramaswamy posted.

To qualify for the January 10 debate, each candidate must be polling at least 10% in three surveys, including one CNN poll of likely Iowa GOP caucus goers. Ramaswamy has consistently polled well under 10%, and the attack against CNN, Huff Post and other media outlets said, is likely a bid to preempt the network’s debate announcement.

He accused CNN of being biased against him and cited multiple incidents where the said network allegedly did unfair coverage of the presidential candidate.

He said that on December 13, “CNN disgracefully cut short its own Iowa town hall with me after I correctly pointed out uncomfortable truths about Jan 6”, which CNN instantly dismissed as “conspiracy theories”.

“On Dec 14, CNN then threatened my campaign on the phone with a cease-and-desist and had YouTube black out the town hall after it got 200k+ views on YouTube in a matter of hours. Yet Nikki Haley’s CNN town hall was still up after 6 months (68k total views, sad),” Ramaswamy said.

He added, “Later on Dec 14, CNN notified my campaign that multiple qualifying polls, which the RNC used for each of the RNC Debates, mysteriously wouldn’t count for CNN’s fake “debate” in Iowa on January 10″.

Ramaswamy further cited an incident where CNN’s Oliver Darcy “wrote a newsletter that castigated his own network for allowing [me] to infect the public with his conspiracy campaign”.

“CNN Commentator Van Jones said he was “literally shaking” when he heard me speak. And my rhetoric is “one step away from Nazi propaganda.” CNN Anchor Anderson Cooper said I delivered a “soliloquy of conspiracy theories”. CNN Anchor Pamela Brown and “Chief Investigative Correspondent” said Vivek has a “history of peddling disinformation,” Ramasamy further said.

He also cited an incident where CNN Anchor Kaitlan Collins said that Ramaswamy uses “a reasonable tone to sell sinister lies to people who aren’t paying close attention and might think what he is saying maybe is legitimate”.

“CNN’s token “conservative” Commentator Alyssa Farah Griffin said my rhetoric is “damaging to the country,” Ramaswamy added.

Notably, Ramaswamy has a history of attacking mainstream media outlets over coverage of him and has also garnered criticism for his rhetoric during the first four GOP debates, according to The Hill.

Meanwhile, Ramaswamy along with other GOP primary candidates, including Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and former United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley, trail well behind former President Donald Trump who enjoys a sweeping 50-60 per cent support among GOP voters, according to various surveys.

Trump has also skipped all the four GOP debates held so far, and is likely to skip the fifth one too, citing his massive lead.

According to The Hill, doubts have been raised regarding whether Ramaswamy — who has been polling in the single digits — will qualify for the January 10 debate in Des Moines, Iowa.

The next US presidential election is scheduled for November 5, 2024.

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  • Here is what I glean from thehill.com of January 3, 2024.

    “Haley and DeSantis have been battling for months to be the main alternative to former President Trump for the Republican nomination, and will have the chance to face off against each other one-on-one in a debate just days before the caucuses.
    The two are likely to be the only candidates on stage at CNN’s first GOP primary debate in Iowa at 9 p.m. EST on Jan. 10. Both have met the outlet’s requirements for qualifying for the debate, which includes reaching at least 10 percent in three national or Iowa polls, including one CNN Iowa poll.
    Entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy and former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, both of whom have participated in all the previous debates, did not meet CNN’s requirements for participation. “

    It seems Ramaswami’s attack on CNN may have more to do with the “sour grapes” syndrome than anything else! People never took him too seriously because they thought that he was just Trump’s lapdog, who was more interested in helping Trump win the Republican nomination than winning it himself. He knew that people who like Trump will vote for Trump not “The Skinny Trump”, which is his nickname.

    January 4, 2024
  • Desantis will drop out after January 15th since his funding is drying out and Nikki will follow suit.January 10th will be the last time that this anorexic woman who looks like Karen Carpenter will appear since she is not invited to any reputable pod cases like PBD and TV channels. RNC is behind her for now. She being second in IOWA or NHS is meaningless since Trump is destined to be the winner and her voters will drift away after they realize their ballot wasted on this corrupt to the core woman who is a ln opportunist and back stabber. He will know Trump has not indicated as to whom he’s going to choose as his VP candidate it will not be Nikki or- Namrata 100% Hindu- Haley.

    January 7, 2024

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