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President Biden Calls Off Delhi Trip, Quad Meet Postponed


President Biden Calls Off Delhi Trip, Quad Meet Postponed

WASHINGTON, DC – President Joe Biden will not attend the Republic Day parade in New Delhi next year because the Quad summit, which was to be held a day after, has been postponed.

Reports say India has been informed that the January date was inconvenient and another date should be explored. The offices of the leaders of Australia and Japan had also indicated packed schedules but had said they would come to India if Biden was.

India had proposed that the Quad summit be held in Delhi on January 27 so that the optics of the leaders being present at the R-Day celebrations would enhance the image of the country and politically, the government.

The US proposal to push the Quad summit date to a later date means that it will now be held in Delhi after the Indian general elections.

Media reports say the plot to kill and threats of taking down Khalistanis on US and Canada soil has played its role in the decision as most Western democracies are uncomfortable with the situation.

While President Barack Obama had attended R-Day events, President Donald Trump had also declined PM Modi’s invitation for the 2019 Republic Day celebrations.

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  • It is bad news for India! They need to take strong steps to move forward rather go back>

    December 14, 2023
  • It is often said that coming events have long shadows. It was apparent to all astute observers of Indian politics that the invitation extended to the U.S. president was a staged event to fortify the image of the BJP and its leadership instead of the invited guest. Most people can see through the dropped thin veil of the stage curtain. On the other hand, this political fiasco has given the government in India a little more time to prepare an honest report of the Pannun debacle case.

    December 14, 2023
  • “Media reports say the plot to kill and threats of taking down Khalistanis on US and Canada soil has played its role in the decision as most Western democracies are uncomfortable with the situation.”

    According to an excerpt from the December 13, 2023 article of indianexpress.com, “ US President Biden not coming for Republic Day, Quad set to be deferred”,

    “Amid Pannun ‘plot’ talk

    Biden’s no-show comes when Washington and Delhi are in conversation about a Khalistan separatist’s assassination plot where the US had alleged the involvement of an Indian official. At the same time, there has been some diplomatic thaw between US and China. Delhi and Washington will need to work together to quickly reschedule the Quad.

    An invitation to be the Republic Day Chief Guest is highly symbolic from the Indian government’s perspective. A formal invitation is usually sent only after ascertaining informally the availability of the leaders.

    Biden’s unavailability for the Republic Day and the postponement of the Quad summit comes when the US is currently investigating an alleged assassination plot of a Khalistan separatist on US soil. Since an Indian official is allegedly involved in planning the plot, the Indian government is also probing inputs shared by US agencies. The US federal prosecutors filed an indictment in November detailing the alleged plot against the separatist, who holds dual nationality of US and Canada.“…

    December 14, 2023
  • Once again, the Indian American community needs to rethink their vote for the 2024 election. The Democrats take the Indian American vote for granted. It is shocking to see the sheer amount of hatred the woke left has towards Indian Americans. Indian Americans are natural Republicans anyway. And I am sure with a Trump presidency, there will be a reset with USA and India relations.

    December 14, 2023
  • Another thing I must add, many Indians might feel the USA is a natural partner. But ultimately, the USA’s foreign relations are based on self interest. Democracy and human rights are mere marketing terms to justify their reasons to the military. The USA is really only natural friends with Europe. For the rest of the world, it is all self interest. And with Biden deciding to reset relations with China, India is once again on the backfoot. India needs to focus on itself. Build up the economy. Build up the military. Improve relations with Venezuela for a cheap oil source. For Indian Americans, we have to establish a AIPAC-like lobby that advocates for better USA-India relations.

    December 14, 2023

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