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Prime Time Shuttle, Opoli Announce New Initiatives For Enhanced Customer Experience

Prime Time Shuttle, Opoli Announce New Initiatives For Enhanced Customer Experience

India-West Staff Reporter

LOS ANGELES, CA – Southern California airport transportation solution providers, Prime Time Shuttle and Opoli, have recently implemented initiatives aimed at enhancing the customer experience and providing added convenience and speed to riders using their door-to-door transportation services.

Both companies have completed improvements to their services, including the launch of proprietary auto-dispatch technology with route optimization and upgraded user interfaces on the Opoli ride-hailing app and the Prime Time Shuttle website. These enhancements are designed to offer customers a more seamless and efficient booking process and ensure on-time service, a press release said.

Rattan Joea, co-founder, and CEO of Prime Time Shuttle, emphasized the importance of listening to customers and making improvements to facilitate easier navigation and booking. The auto-dispatch technology has also been well-received by their network of independent and licensed commercial drivers, as it allows for better location-based planning and reduces service disruptions.

Both Prime Time Shuttle and Opoli pride themselves on offering a wide range of door-to-door airport transportation services with guaranteed rates, often providing a more cost-effective option compared to competitors who frequently apply surge pricing without predictability.

Opoli has further expanded its presence by receiving approval from the Los Angeles World Airports for on-site services at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). As an authorized transportation network company, Opoli already provides ride app services at LAX’s designated pick-up spot for ground travelers, known as LAX-it transit zone. With the recent approval, Opoli will have increased signage and will soon offer a self-serve kiosk, along with on-site Opoli curb coordinators, providing greater assistance to LAX travelers with their ride reservations and driver coordination.

Jeff Lozano, customer service manager at Opoli, highlighted that they are the only ride-hailing app approved for on-site support at LAX, reinforcing their commitment to providing excellent customer service and support to travelers, regardless of their connectivity.

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