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Probe Ongoing: Trudeau After Nijjar Killing Arrests

Probe Ongoing: Trudeau After Nijjar Killing Arrests

Probe Ongoing: Trudeau After Nijjar Killing Arrests

Photo: @JustinTrudeau

TORONTO, (ANI) – Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said on May 5 that the investigation into the killing of India-designated terrorist Hardeep Singh Nijjar is “not limited” to the arrest of three Indian nationals and is ongoing. Trudeau said that it is important because “Canada is a rule-of-law country.”

The Canada PM’s remarks came days after three Indian nationals were arrested for their involvement in the killing of Nijjar. Police on May 4 released photographs of all three persons amid an ongoing probe into the alleged connections of the Indian government.

Speaking at the Sikh Foundation of Canada’s Centennial Gala event held at the Royal Ontario Museum on May 5, Trudeau highlighted Canada’s status as a rule-of-law country with a robust and independent justice system. “This is important because Canada is a rule-of-law country with a strong and independent justice system, as well as a fundamental commitment to protecting all its citizens. I know that many Canadians, particularly members of the Sikh community, are feeling uneasy and perhaps even frightened right now.”

India, still bristling at the public statements of Trudeau, had External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar respond. He said Canada has been issuing visas to people with links to organized crime despite warnings from New Delhi. Jaishankar said some people in Canada, with ‘pro-Pakistan leanings’, have organized themselves politically and taken the shape of an influential political lobby. He said he saw reports that three people have been arrested, and the Canadian police have conducted “some investigation.”

Along with photographs of the three accused, the Canadian police have also released the photographs of the car believed to have been used by the suspects in the time leading up to the homicide, in and around the Surrey area.

Addressing reporters at a news conference, RCMP Assistant Commissioner David Teboul, who leads the Federal Policing Program in the Pacific Region, said, “Three suspects have been arrested and charged for their alleged involvement in the killing of Nijjar…. We are not able to make any comments on the nature of evidence… Nor can we speak behind the motive of murder of Nijjar… However, I will say this matter is very much under active investigation,” he said.

Hardeep Singh Nijjar was designated a terrorist by India’s National Investigation Agency in 2020.

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  • Justin Trudeau says Canada believes in rule of law! While we know they have been admitting known thugs, drug dealers and branded terrorists.

    They have also allowed these people openly threaten Hindus living in Canada.

    There’re lots of contradictions here.

    May 6, 2024
    • You are one of the fanatic Hindu terrorist of Modi’s Sanatan dharam. 🤓🤓

      May 6, 2024

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