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Ramaswamy & Khanna Are Predictably, Wildly Different In Their Politics

Ramaswamy & Khanna Are Predictably, Wildly Different In Their Politics


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MANCHESTER, NH – GOP presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy and Rep. Ro Khanna debated on November 1 at the St. Anselm College’s New Hampshire Institute of Politics. The hour-long event showed their fundamental differences.

Both Indian Americans are known to be in the news, ambitious, and looking for higher offices.

The event was divided into ten-minute segments with a focus on a subject including climate change, economy, and international affairs.

While Ramaswamy said Israel “has an absolute right” to national self-defense, he also said he was against American military involvement in foreign conflicts. Khanna while saying that he too did not want troops on the ground, disagreed with isolationism and said American leadership was needed in the world. Ramaswamy was quick to point out that Khanna had at one point been against intervention – the Iraq war – but had now changed his stance. The Congressman made his case for Ukraine too saying to support the nation was to deter China from acting against Taiwan.

Ramaswamy mocked climate change and said that new policies would cause more harm than the changing climate. Khanna was overtly horrified and said he was flummoxed by the stance given the evidence.

Khanna also called Ramaswamy’s proposal to cut the federal bureaucracy by 75% a “horrible idea. You need the federal government investments to be able to scale factories. You need it to be able to build,” he said.

Khanna wanted an end to the GOP-backed tax cuts so the middle class could thrive. “This is a country of progress,” he said. Ramaswamy did not yield. “We still share the ideals of the American Revolution in common, but now it’s up to us to move just beyond celebrating diversity and differences to celebrate those ideals that unite us.”

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  • I watched the interview and Khanna came out as a rookie as compared to the brilliant and articulate Vivek. Don’t see any future for Khanna in politics.

    November 2, 2023
  • Ramaswami is much wiser and a sucessful business man ! Give him a chance and fire all these old politicans who are driving this country down the drain !

    November 2, 2023
  • Trump is leading in five states and so the next candidate to fold will be Nikki after the primary and then run then Ron DeSantis. Vivek and Tulsi are Trumos VP choices. The Low IQ Nikki’s Mega donors are having cold feet and the funds are drying up fast.

    November 5, 2023

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