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Ranveer Has A Soft Kiss For Deepika

Ranveer-Has-A-Soft-Kiss-For-Deepika India West

Ranveer Has A Soft Kiss For Deepika

MUMBAI, (IANS) – Known for not shying away from flaunting their romance, star couple Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh did it again but this time during her interview for TIME magazine, where she appeared on the cover as a “global star”.

During the interview, Deepika got a surprise visit from her husband Ranveer, and he called it a “cosmic” coincidence as she was about to discuss her marriage in the interview.

As he entered, he gave a soft kiss on Deepika’s lips and said that he dropped to say hi as he was shooting next door. He just wished her “Have a great day” and starts to leave.

However, Deepika told him about how his arrival coincided with the question about marriage.

He said, “What a cosmic thing to have happened.”

As Deepika asked the interviewer to continue, she is asked about how long they have been married to which.

Ranveer said that they have been together for 10-11 years.

As they talked about it, they also held hands and Deepika said: “what are we doing?” to which Ranveer replied, “I just came to say hi”.

Deepika then gets into the interview mode and talks about her romantic married life.

“I love spending time, with my husband and me. I married my best friend. I think the fact that we are just so goofy with each other. I can feel like absolutely myself, my most vulnerable, my most clumsy, my most expressive.”

She called him her “happy place.”

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  • I like Ranveer, a hot man who knows how to love a woman with passion.Deepika’s wife is by far the cherry on the cake, which can be very clearly seen. Ranveer and Deepika have one of the best on-screen and off-screen chemistry. They both look great when they’re together.

    September 12, 2023

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