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Ravi Bhalla Raises $974,000 In 4th Quarter

Ravi Bhalla Raises $974,000 In 4th Quarter

Ravi Bhalla Raises $974,000 In 4th Quarter

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TRENTON, NJ – The Ravi Bhalla for Congress campaign announced that as its 4th quarter FEC report documents, it raised $974,000 for the quarter and as of the end of the quarter had $914,000 cash on hand. The money was all raised by individual donors.  With the contributions that have been raised since the end of the quarter, the campaign has now raised more than $1.1 million.

“While my opponent continues to rely on special interest PACs and lobbyists to fund his campaign, I raised nearly $1 million from individuals,” said Ravi Bhalla.  “As our Congressman, I’ll stand up to the special interests, fighting to make quality health care available for all and working to curb climate change.”

In the 4th quarter of 2023, Representative Rob Menendez Jr. raised $141,500 from PACs, including $69,000 from corporate PACS and $10,000 from his father, Senator Bob Menendez’s leadership PAC.  He also raised $41,200 from lobbyists.   Taken together, PACs and lobbyists comprise more than half of the $348,000 or so he raised for the quarter.

Ravi Bhalla is running in the Democratic Primary against the incumbent, Rob Menendez Jr. for New Jersey’s 8th Congressional district seat.

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