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Robotic Elephant For TN Temple!

Robotic Elephant For TN Temple!

Robotic Elephant For TN Temple!

CHENNAI, (IANS) – Voices for Asian Elephants, a non-governmental organization has handed over a robotic elephant to a Shiva temple in Devarshola, Gudalur, in Tamil Nadu.

The NGO handed over the robotic elephant — said to be the first such ‘elephant’ to be donated to a temple in Tamil Nadu — to the temple on February 4.

The 11-foot-tall robotic elephant weighs around 800 kg.

The NGO had earlier handed over several such robotic elephants to temples across Kerala.

Sangita Iyer, founding executive director of Voices for Asian Elephants, told media persons that the move is meant to put an end to the often-criticized practice of maintaining elephants in captivity at temples, often in unhealthy and inhumane conditions.

Iyer said, “Elephants are tortured by keeping them chained at temples. While we pray to Lord Ganesh, we don’t treat elephants well.”

She also said that elephants should be in the wild, not in captivity, adding that elephants were social animals who needed to be among herds of other elephants.

Iyer also said that 25 captive elephants in Kerala died in 2023 alone, while three have died already in 2024.

She also praised the restrictions on domestic elephants in Tamil Nadu.

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