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Sarita Joshi: Want to Break Prejudices with Comic Roles

Sarita Joshi: Want to Break Prejudices with Comic Roles

MUMBAI (IANS) -Veteran actress Sarita Joshi who is playing the mother-in-law in the upcoming ‘Anupama – Namaste America’, says with her comical character in the show, she has attempted to break social prejudices.

‘Anupama – Namaste America’ is a prequel to the popular TV show ‘Anupama‘ and this upcoming 11-episode series is created especially for OTT release, on Disney+ Hotstar.

The story takes a closer look at Anupamaa’s life, a few years into her marriage. The show will also introduce the brand-new character of Moti Baa, Anupamaa’s great-mother-in-law, played by veteran television actor Sarita Joshi, who is the ‘Don’ of the Shah family as she heads it with a new matriarchal flair.

Talking about the show, Sarita said, “With the character of Moti Baa, I wanted to bring comedy and satire while addressing critical social elements in the story. It was my way of breaking down the prejudices for the viewers to relate and connect with.”

As Rupali Ganguly is playing the title role of the show, sharing their long-time bonding, the veteran actress said, “I have seen Rupali grow as an actor, and it has been an absolute pleasure to watch her metamorphose. Where she stands today is a testimony to the tremendous hard work she has put in. I feel extremely excited to work with her and director Rajan Shahi again. My proven chemistry with him and Rupali Ganguly made me doubly sure about taking up the character of Moti Baa.”

The show ‘Anupama – Namaste America’ will release on April 25.

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