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Senator Schumer Blames Imran Khan For Strained Washington-Islamabad Relations

Senator Schumer Blames Imran Khan For Strained Washington-Islamabad Relations

WASHINGTON, DC (ANI) – Senate Majority Leader Charles E Schumer on June 28 blamed former prime minister Imran Khan for strained relations between the US and Pakistan.

“Your former prime minister did not talk positive about the US, but the incumbent Pakistani premier is expected to help foster bilateral ties between Pakistan and the US,” Schumer said addressing the American-Pakistan Advocacy Group (APDG) in New York. Schumer said that he reiterated the stance of the Biden administration about Imran Khan’s allegations of the involvement of the US government in toppling his government.

Responding to a query on the policy of the US, if Imran Khan came back to power, Schumer said the US always wants to hold a dialogue with an elected head of government, adding that no matter how intensely you disagree with someone, the best way to resolve the issues is to hold dialogues, The News International reported.

“The US believes in democratic norms and values and respects the democratic process, the US followed a strategy to accept those who were elected through the democratic process,” Schumer added.

PTI chief Imran Khan has termed and reiterated the Shehbaz Sharif government as an “imported government” backed by the US and has been demanding fresh elections since the latter came to power.

An analysis earlier noted that Imran Khan’s anti-American rhetoric and his accusations against the US for conspiring to oust him from power are damaging the country’s relations with the West. The new government is keen on mending fences. The targets are the United States and up to a point, India, ostensibly, under American persuasion. The Sharif government is playing up to Washington, in contrast to Imran Khan’s anti-US campaign that has intensified after being voted out of power.

Pakistan’s economy is already facing a huge challenge and the country often turns to Western-led multilateral financial institutions including the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank.

On the brink of default, Pakistan needs an inflow of $41 billion over the next year to pay back loans that are coming due and to keep afloat. Its economy still depends on a lifeline from the IMF, while Russia is in no position to help Pakistan, and China has adopted a wait-and-see approach.

Apart from that, the West also has significant influence over the money laundering and terror funding watchdog Financial Action Task Force. It is essentially crucial as the FATF continues to keep Pakistan on ‘Grey List’ for terrorist funding.

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