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Sex Life Of President Trump Gets Airing In Court

Sex Life Of President Trump Gets Airing In Court

Sex Life Of President Trump Gets Airing In Court

NEW YORK, NY(IANS) – After having been made to sit through a salacious narrative by a porn star in a court here about her alleged tryst with him, former President Donald Trump received a reprieve in the secret document litigation in Florida where the judge, a Trump appointee, indefinitely postponed the case.

The trial in the Florida case — or a verdict in it — may be delayed beyond the November election.

The judge in the case, Aileen M. Cannon, said the complicated nature of the case accusing him of mishandling top-secret documents that he allegedly retained illegally after leaving office.

Of the four criminal cases against him, only the New York case accusing him of falsifying business records to cover up payment to the porn star Stormy Daniels, who alleged that she had a sexual encounter with him while his current wife Ivana was pregnant, has gotten underway.

Trump has denied that he had sex with Daniels.

Prosecutors say that he arranged the payment before the 2016 election because he was afraid it would create a scandal during the campaign.

Daniels took the witness stand on May 7 and sprinkled her testimony with such tawdry details like her undressing, the “missionary position” they used on the hotel bed during the alleged tryst, Trump not wearing a condom, his saying afterward it was “great”, and before that she reminded him of his daughter, hitting him with a rolled-up magazine with him on the cover, and about her having her period during another encounter.

As Daniels babbled on, Judge Juan Merchan said some of it was “unnecessary narrative”.

Trump was “cursing audibly” and “shaking his visibly” during her testimony, the judge observed his lawyers and asked them to request him to tone down his behavior as it could be seen as intimidating the witness and affect the jurors.

The former President, who is given to making outrageous statements, has already earned the wrath of Merchan for defying his orders and commenting about his daughter, witnesses, and others linked to the case in a manner that could prejudice the case.

He imposed a fine of $1,000 on May 6 for violating the gag order by telling an interviewer that the jurors were mostly Democrats, and it was unfair and threatened him with the possibility of jail for future violations.

New York’s Mayor Eric Adams said that he had discussed the possibility of Trump being sent to the city’s notorious jail, Riker’s Island, and they were prepared for it.

The federal case in Washington is centered on the riots when his supporters invaded the Capitol in January 2021, and he is charged with trying to prevent the US Congress from certifying the election of President Joe Biden.

That case is held up while the Supreme Court considers an appeal from Trump that he has presidential immunity from those charges.

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  • In spite of everything he will prevail, as he has done in his business. He is a survivior and not a quitter. This will be a hung jury and the case will not be retried. As far as Nikki Haley her support is mostly democratic Democrats and disgruntled voters who do not count. If Trump’s Jersey Shore event is any indication he has overwhelming support of the Republican voters and it comes push and shove they will vote for Trump. Biden is not Bill Clinton will balance the budget for the first time after a hundred years and since then the budget deficit is gone up by 38 trillion and multiplying. The immigration will be the deciding factor this election and not inflation economy or foreign policy.

    May 12, 2024
  • It should be difficult for any self-respecting citizen to vote for Trump for any public office after these court testimonies are completed. It is not only shameful for the accused, but also for all those who would turn out to vote and support goondas and “Goonda Gardi.”

    May 13, 2024

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