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Shivranjani Singh Drops Folk Song With Father

Shivranjani-Singh-Drops-Folk-Song-With-Father India West

Shivranjani Singh Drops Folk Song With Father

MANDI, (ANI) – Bollywood singer Shivranjani Singh has released a folk-fusion song with her father, a first-class cricketer Shakti Singh. The recreated version of the song ‘Tere Maathe Jo Bindlu’ features the voices of the father-daughter duo.

The video takes viewers on a journey through beautiful places in Himachal. The video also has special features from veteran artist Somdev Kashyap. Singh described her reason behind planning such a birthday gift for her father. She said, “I am happy to come back to my roots, I wanted to sing folk for society and educate youth through folk. My father wanted to be a singer, but he became a cricketer. To fulfill his dream as a singer I released a folk song on his birthday yesterday which I sang with him. Now I am looking forward to working on more folk songs to educate society.”

Shivranjani shared how she recreated popular folk songs. She said “Tere Maathe Jo Bindlu”, this is a beautiful folk song of Himachal Pradesh, I have made a song in my style made a track with an electronic fusion with my father we have shot it across Himachal Pradesh. I have tried to present it in a new way so that they get inspiration from taking cultural elements and making their own style.”

The singer also mentioned her bond with Himachal and Mumbai, she narrated “Bombay is my one part, this is my root, my parents belong to this place, I have grown up listening to folk songs of my father, he keeps singing so many folk songs. People were demanding me to sing some Pahari songs, so I could not contribute time. So, I released this song as a gift for my father on his birthday. It was a surprise for him to release it.”

“Himachal Pradesh has untapped potential. We have rich melodies and traditional melodies; I want to see how a blend could be made and how music needs to be promoted. I have lots of plans through music, groundwork, and policy change. Preserving the environment is important. This is a Dev Bhoomi, if deities get angry, we will not be able to save the entity of Dev Bhoomi. So I am back to roots, I will explore and so many things for future,” she concluded.

The playback singer is now planning more such songs and music to promote and preserve the rich culture, art, and heritage of Himachal Pradesh.

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