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Should You Color Your Hair After A Keratin Treatment?

Should You Color Your Hair After A Keratin Treatment?

Can you picture yourself with a hideous color patch in your hair that resembles a thatched bundle? That is indeed what occurs when you color your hair immediately following a Brazilian. Thus, the subject is raised.

Can you color your hair after a keratin treatment?

Professional hairstylists advise waiting two weeks following a keratin treatment before coloring your hair. If you’re fascinated with hair color, personally wait three weeks to be cautious.

What happens when your hair is colored after a keratin treatment?

After a recent keratin treatment, your hair will have a thin coating of keratin that takes two weeks to bind and deeply permeate your hair. It envelops your hair and fortifies every fiber right down to the core. As a result, the first two weeks are crucial since they determine how well and how long your keratin hair treatment will endure. Anything that disrupts the setup process at this point may result in unanticipated outcomes like

* Areas of tangles

* Uneven hair or even keratin that has been prematurely washed out

* For the first two weeks, you need to do nothing with your hair and let the keratin do its job.

Because of this, your hairstylist also advises using a mild sulfate-free shampoo after receiving a keratin treatment.

What is the best resolution?

Because they don’t include ammonia or peroxides, semi-permanent hair colors are the ideal choice for keratin-treated hair. Consider them to be the equivalent of hair mascara. They can be used to cover your hair in vivid colors until a few shampoos eventually make them disappear.

What is the best way to achieve this?

It’s simple. Next time, dye your hair first and then get a keratin treatment. It’s also a win-win circumstance. There are more advantages to dyeing your hair beforehand in addition to the extended spa treatments you receive at your hair salon.

Following a color treatment with a keratin treatment:

* Restores the structural damage to the hair

* Restores the pH of the hair

* Closes the cuticles and softens them

* Eliminates all color chemical stains (at step 1 — clarifying)

* Additionally, a keratin treatment gives your hair a robust protective layer that stops color pigments from evaporating when it is washed or exposed to sunlight

As you can see, using this treatment allows the keratin barrier to complement rather than contrast your hair color. After that, all you must do to preserve your freshly colored and keratin-treated hair is use a color-safe, sulfate-free shampoo. A high-end hair treatment calls for a high-end, professional aftercare regimen.

But keep in mind the proper sequence:

* First, color your hair

* Next, have a keratin treatment, or if you already missed your chance, wait at least three weeks before coloring your hair


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