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Shubhangi Atre Explores AI Avatar Of ‘Angoori’

Shubhangi Atre Explores AI Avatar Of 'Angoori’

Shubhangi Atre Explores AI Avatar Of ‘Angoori’

MUMBAI, (IANS) – Actress Shubhangi Atre, who plays the role of Angoori in the sitcom ‘Bhabiji Ghar Par Hai‘, has opened up on playing the AI version of her character, and shared how she always tries to do something different, adding it helps her coming out of the comfort zone.

“Whenever I get to do something different then its best for me, trying something out of my comfort zone, and I have got many chances. Recently, I played the Artificial Intelligence (AI) version of Angoori and I have explored as an actor a lot,” said the ‘Havan’ actress.

Shubhangi thinks every medium is catering to their own set of audience, because the urban population is too much into OTT, and rural and townships are into TV or films.

“Me being an actor, mediums do not matter to me. I just love doing my job, that is to act.” Shubhangi further said that playing a comic role is challenging and she is enjoying this.

“First of all, Angoori is a beautiful character and I think I would say there are very few characters like her that are written, so it’s a treat for an actor,” said the ‘Kasturi’ fame actress.

Calling comedy, a serious business, Shubhangi added: “No matter what is happening in your life you have to make people laugh. Making people cry is very easy. I have done family drama or very emotional scenes also. But now I realize that making people laugh is not easy.”

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