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Sikkim’s ‘Tara, The Lost Star’ Sparkles Bright At Cannes


Sikkim’s ‘Tara, The Lost Star’ Sparkles Bright At Cannes

CANNES, FRANCE (ANI) – The 77th Cannes International Film Festival witnessed a cinematic marvel hailing from the serene landscapes of Sikkim as the much-awaited film, ‘Tara, the Lost Star’, debuted at the prestigious event on May 20.

This marks a historic moment for Sikkim, as its first-ever entry into the Cannes arena captivated audiences with its Himalayan charm and storytelling finesse.

Directed by Samten Bhutia and co-produced by Sabitri Chettri, ‘Tara, the Lost Star’ epitomizes the creative synergy and cultural richness of the region.

Shot against the breathtaking backdrop of Gnathang-Memenchu near Changu Lake, the film encapsulates the essence of Sikkim’s natural beauty and cultural heritage.

Representing the state and the film with pride and grace is actor-producer Shyama Shree Sherpa, who brought this cinematic gem to the global forefront.

“I am glad to announce that it’s a historic moment for all the Sikkimese and Nepali,” Sherpa shared expressing her excitement as for the first time, a Sikkimese Nepali film screened on May 20th on the global stage.

‘Tara, the Lost Star’ boasts a talented ensemble cast including Shyama Shree Sherpa, Sushmita Bhujel, Nityam Bhattarai from Sikkim, and Kiran Dahal, Loonibha Tuladhar from Nepal.

The excitement surrounding the film’s Cannes debut also reached the highest echelons of Sikkim’s leadership, with Chief Minister Prem Singh Golay extending his heartfelt congratulations to the ‘Tara’ team.

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