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Six Fun Coffee Facts

Six Fun Coffee Facts

Six Fun Coffee Facts

By Jaswanthi Ammu

Here are six entertaining coffee facts that will not only pique your curiosity but also give you a little more fun in your coffee-drinking routine. Get ready to sip, taste, and marvel at this java gem.

Coffee is a fruit

Did you know that coffee beans come from fruit? Coffee beans are seeds found in the red or yellow cherries of the coffee tree. These cherries are harvested and processed, giving us roasted and baked beans.

The origin of Espresso

Espresso, that rich and concentrated coffee shot, hails from Italy. The word “espresso” means “pressed out” in Italian, referring to the process of forcing hot water through finely-ground coffee beans.

Not just for sipping

Coffee is incredibly versatile. Besides being a popular drink, it can also enhance the flavors of various dishes. Coffee-infused rubs and sauces are popular among chefs for marinating meats and adding depth to savory recipes. Plus, coffee-flavored desserts like tiramisu and coffee ice cream are heavenly treats.

Nature’s pesticide

Caffeine, the compound responsible for that morning buzz, acts as a natural anesthetic for the coffee plant. It’s their way of fending off insects, but humans have discovered its remarkable ability to enhance focus and alertness.

Arabica and Robusta 

Not all coffee is created equal. Arabica and Robusta are the two most grown and consumed varieties of coffee. Arabica is popular for its mild and subtle flavor, while Robusta is known for its boldness and high caffeine content. It’s all about personal preference in the world of coffee.

Cosmetic products

Coffee is not just for drinking; It is also a popular ingredient in cosmetics. The caffeine in coffee is believed to have benefits for the skin, including cleansing, improving circulation, and acting as a natural exfoliant. You can find coffee-infused scrubs, masks, and creams that harness these beauty-enhancing properties. 

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