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Skincare Guide For Newborns

Skincare Guide For Newborns

The skin of newborns is naturally smooth and silky. But because of its fragility, their skin is particularly prone to rashes and other skin conditions. Some tips to pick the right lotion:

* Paraben free

Compared to adult skin, a baby’s fragile skin absorbs and loses moisture far more quickly. As a result, the chemicals administered to their skin are more likely to be absorbed by the skin. Baby products with parabens, chemicals, or alcohol can damage a baby’s skin. Nobody would want to expose their little munchkin to harmful chemicals and that’s where paraben-free lotions come into play.

* Long-lasting hydration

At higher temperatures, skin loses its essential nutrients and moisture. Consequently, a baby’s skin tends to develop patches, rashes, and itching. A hydrating body lotion helps retain moisture and keep the skin healthy and soft.

* Balanced pH level

The natural acid layer that protects your baby’s skin from external stress is supported by maintaining a pH balance of 5.5. It may become excessively dry and sensitive if that barrier is compromised, additionally, environmental irritants in the monsoon can affect your baby’s skin. We keep hearing the importance of maintaining a balanced pH level in all spheres of the body, so why ignore the pH levels when it comes to your baby’s skin? Having a balanced pH level is hence, the third must-have quality for your baby’s body lotion.

* Hypoallergenic

Gone are the days when consumers were driven by surface factors like the color and scent of skincare products. When it comes to their babies, safe and healthy products should be the priority of parents. Hypoallergenic body lotions are often color or fragrance-free and fulfill all the functions of a lotion along with ensuring a ‘no-chemical’ exposure to the skin.

* Enriched with natural ingredients

A good body lotion for your baby’s skin comes equipped with the most nourishing natural ingredients as they offer the finest, purest care to your baby’s skin. These ingredients range from shea butter, aloe vera to almond oil and calendula. 

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