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Sneha Desai Wrote ‘Laapataa Ladies’ During Pandemic

Sneha Desai Wrote ‘Laapataa Ladies’ During Pandemic

Sneha Desai Wrote ‘Laapataa Ladies’ During Pandemic

MUMBAI, (IANS) – Sneha Desai, who has written the screenplay and dialogues for the upcoming film ‘Laapataa Ladies’, directed by Kiran Rao, has shared that she was offered to write the film during the thick of Covid-19 pandemic.

She called the film a testament to the unpredictable stroke of serendipity.

She said: “My journey with ‘Laapataa Ladies’ emerges as a testament to the unpredictable magic of fate. From an impromptu script narration to a pandemic-induced lockdown, it took an unexpected turn when out of the blue, Aamir Khan sir himself called and offered this beauty of a story to me. Despite all the chaos and uncertainty caused by the covid lockdown, I grabbed the chance. The lockdown gave me ample time and quiet to reflect and write. ‘Laapataa Ladies’ isn’t just a movie; it’s a reminder that even in crazy times, magic can happen.”

She further mentioned that with ‘Laapataa Ladies’, she went on a journey that crossed borders and cultural boundaries.

Sneha was born and raised in the vibrant environment of Mumbai, but she embraced the challenge of authentically portraying North Indian heartlands.

She said, “As a true-blue Gujarati, I delved into the nuances of language, ethos, and lifestyle, weaving a narrative that captured the essence of the heartlands. I dug deep into the language and lifestyle, trying to create a screenplay that really captured the vibe. Through collaboration and intense brainstorming with the team I was able to turn this challenge into opportunity.”

She added: “Having said this, I cannot undermine the support I had from Kiran Rao, Aamir sir, Divyanidhi Sharma and our dialect consultants and coaches. I hope that my journey with ‘Laapataa Ladies’ stands as a testament to the transformative power of storytelling.”

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