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Sona Mohapatra, Ram Sampath Inspired By Frida Kahlo


Sona Mohapatra, Ram Sampath Inspired By Frida Kahlo

MUMBAI, (IANS) – Songstress Sona Mohapatra and acclaimed music composer Ram Sampath have worked on a song titled ‘Senti Akhiyaan’, for which the two have drawn inspiration from Mexican painter Freida Kahlo.

It was Sampath’s idea to make a music video where Mohapatra meets the icon.

Mohapatra said: “I’ve always been inspired by the fearless spirit, art, and unique fashion of the legendary Mexican artist Frida Kahlo. Long before she was discovered by fashion editors in our art and lifestyle space, I had postcard prints of all her paintings framed and put up on my hostel wall even as a student.”

“Loved that she sported bushy eyebrows, wore color unabashedly and flaunted her roots and identity as a Mexican with pride and aplomb.”

She said that it was her partner Sampath’s idea to make the music video. “He felt that the Senti Akhiyaan composition and music arrangement had a strong Latin American flavor, and it was fitting to draw inspiration from her imagery and in a sense also pay homage to our common love of celebrating our roots vs blending into the generic landscape of what is considered pretty or glamourous in the larger public eye.”

The song, born from the lyrical musings of young poet Roshanaara Qureshi, delves into the theme of eyes being the window to the soul.

“The first-time young lyricist of the song Roshanara is also a rebel and firebrand also made us both believe that this would be a perfect fit for firebrands!”

Talking about the song, she said: “The fusion of guitars, kalimbas, harmonium and percussion infuses the song with an organic Latin plus Desi swing, creating a vibe that is both chill and infectious and I believe Frieda would be happy to dance on this song if she was alive today.”

Musically, ‘Senti Akhiyaan’ seamlessly blends timeless Indian melodies with a Reggaeton beat, accented by Hindustani harmonium interludes played by Tanmay Deochake.

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