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Songs For Your Festive Playlist

Songs For Your Festive Playlist

KOLKATA (ANI) – One thing that mostly goes unnoticed during festivals is the role songs also play in the celebrations. Here are some Durga puja special tracks:

1. Dhaker tale komor dole

Well, this one had to be on the top, considering it is the most popular track played in pandals almost yearly! This song is from the movie ‘Poran Joy Jalia Re’ and is sung by Abhijeet Bhattacharya. It’s been everyone’s favorite Durga Puja song for years, and its popularity only keeps growing.

2. Dhake Komor Dola

Runki Goswami, a renowned musician has released a new song and has created a perfect amalgamation of festive lyrics, music, and rhythm. The song was released across all platforms including YouTube, Gaana, Spotify, iTunes so you can now give it a listen.

3. Bolo Dugga Maiki

Sung in the soulful voice of Arijit Singh, this song is yet another perfect festive song that promises to take you on a spiritual journey. Fresh lyrics, terrific beats, and great rhythm make this song top the charts in everyone’s Durga Puja playlist.

4. Dugga Elo

Monali Thakur’s voice transports you into a joyous world with this song. The song is from the album that goes by the same name and its composer is Guddu. It’s yet another song that awakens the festive spirit in the listener!

5. Durge Durge Durgatinashini

Old but classic. This timeless song is sung by the great Asha Bhosale and reverberates through your mind and soul with great notes and a melodious tune. Music was composed by the great RD Burman and ever since it was released, it has been a favorite amongst people!

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