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Sports Like ‘Gilli Danda’ to be in School Curriculums Says India

Sports Like ‘Gilli Danda’ to be in School Curriculums Says India

NEW DELHI, (IANS) – Right from schools to higher education, the Indian government is trying to sync the traditional and modern education systems.

The Union Education Ministry has now said it will make ‘kho kho’, ‘gilli danda’, ‘langdi’, ‘patang udaan’, ‘santhal katti’, among others, a part of the school sports curriculum.

The Education ministry’s aim is to encourage 75 games games in all campuses.

An official said, “The objective of including Indian sports at the school level is to promote physical education and establish a more inclusive sport. It aims to envisage educating children on the various art forms of India and help them discover the rich cultural heritage of the country. Indian sports will enable the students to connect with the roots and culture of Indian tradition and help them build creativity and strength while facing challenges of modern times. By creating a sense of solidarity and collective effort, this work in the interest of the nation can shape the overall cognitive development of the students.”

Income Tax, which is generally considered as a complex subject, will be made easy to understand with the help of simple Indian games. Under this, a unique initiative is being taken to promote tax literacy among students through various board games, puzzles, and comics.

The game of snakes and ladders was chosen for the easy learning and understanding of taxation. In this educational game of snake ladder good habits are rewarded through ladders and bad habits are punished by snakes.

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