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Star Bharat’s ‘RadhaKrishn’ Uncovers True Significance of Holi

Star Bharat’s ‘RadhaKrishn’ Uncovers True Significance of Holi

Star Bharat’s “RadhaKrishn.” (Concept PR photo)

By R.M. VIJAYAKAR Special to India-West

MUMBAI—Star Bharat’s most popular show, “RadhaKrishn” has attracted a wide range of viewers from all walks of life through its depiction of the epic love saga of Radha and Krishn. On this joyous festival of Holi, the show will reveal to the audience one more significance behind this colorful festival that is celebrated across the country.

This Holi, Radha (played by Mallika Singh) wants to color Krishn (played by Sumedh) in her color. She attains the blessings of Goddess Parvati to make a color with five elements of Krishn and five of herself. But, before Radha can color Krishn, Saambh gets to know about this plan and manages to burn the elements of Radha and Krishn in the Holika fire. All Radha is left with is ashes.

To fulfill Radha’s wish, Krishn asks her to color him with the ashes. As soon as Radha does so, the entire universe becomes colorless. Radha now understands the reason why Krishn was not supporting her in this year’s Holi activities.

This special track on the show will be showcased in which the crew has organized a never-seen-before visual spectacle and a dance sequence that has been choreographed by Rekha & Chinni Prakash.

Re-creating the essence of Holi and depicting the significance of this festival, “RadhaKrishn”’s Holi track was shot using more than 1000 kilos of colors and with help from the latest technical cameras and equipments.

This show will be a visual treat for the audience to witness a sequence when Radha and Krishn will immerse in colors of love and in the true meaning of celebrating Holi.

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