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Stories On Ageging

Stories On Ageging

Rethink Ageing: By Reshmi Chakraborty & Nidhi Chawla

Veena Iyer, aged sixty-six, got a degree in dance movement therapy. She is training to upgrade her skill and now runs various workshops.

B.R. Janardan, aged eighty-seven, started running after sixty and has competed in sixteen full marathons under his belt.

These important stories illustrate the shifting narrative for ageing in India. They battle the ageism that is deep-rooted in Indian culture with fixed notions of ‘approved’ behavior. Grandchildren? Yes. Pilgrimage? Yes. But companionship? Gasp! A second career? Why the need?

India will have over 300 million senior citizens by 2050. ‘Active ageing’ has become a popular topic of conversation in urban India and is the process of developing and maintaining functional activities as one gets older. Therefore, it is no longer uncommon to meet people like Janardan or Iyer in our fast-evolving society. We have an ageing society that is living longer and adapting to nuclear families, faraway kids, and amorphous social support. Urban Indians are navigating health challenges, isolation and shifting social barometers to practice active ageing, the best form of preventive healthcare. The biological age no longer defines and limits us. After all, why should age prevent us from living the lives we want to?

A good read. (IANS)

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