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Stressing Friendship, Garcetti Says ‘Red Line’ Of Assassination Cannot Be Crossed

Stressing Friendship, Garcetti Says ‘Red Line’ Of Assassination Cannot Be Crossed

Stressing Friendship, Garcetti Says ‘Red Line’ Of Assassination Cannot Be Crossed

NEW DELHI (ANI) – Stating that religious freedom is an important part of any democracy, the US Ambassador to India, Eric Garcetti, said that sometimes New Delhi and Washington can “agree to disagree” on certain things. “We have a deep friendship. It’s very respectful. Sometimes we can agree to disagree on things and continue with our business, and we shouldn’t take it with thin skin. We shouldn’t take it personally,” Garcetti said.

The US State Department had earlier said that it is “concerned” over the notification of the Citizenship (Amendment) Act in India, adding that it is “closely monitoring” the implementation of the act.

Garcetti said, “Protecting minorities is very important. That doesn’t have to be read negatively. And I think it’s the job to monitor. That’s the job of an ambassador. That’s the job of a state department. The Ministry of External Affairs job and the Indian ambassador’s job is to monitor and report. And we simply said that” he added.

He said the US too has a “ton of flaws” and “We’re open to criticism. We want to listen,” he said. Earlier this month, after the US remarks on CAA, the Ministry of External Affairs strongly objected to it and termed the comments “misplaced, misinformed, and unwarranted.”

Garcetti, however, said that a ‘red line’ should not be crossed between the two countries.

Referring to the Khalistani marches and the threats issued by Pannun, Garcetti said that the American system protects free speech “for better or for worse.”

“Under our law, for an American citizen to be convicted in an American court or to be deported to have a criminal case in another country, it has to meet our law, and so we’ll continue working. And if anybody ever says something that steps over that line, and I know it’s gotten very close, we will be working together on that,” he added. Gurpatwant Singh Pannun is an India-designated terrorist who holds American and Canadian citizenship. He has repeatedly issued threats against India.

Garcetti emphasized no government employee of any country can be involved in an assassination plot of a foreign citizen. “I think that’s absolutely critical. For any of us, just abstractly, that must be a red line. No government or government employee can be involved in the alleged assassination of one of your own citizens. That’s just an unacceptable red line,” he said.

“Any country, having an active member of their government involved in a second country trying to assassinate one of their citizens. That’s, I think, usually a red line for any country. That’s a basic issue of sovereignty. That’s a basic issue of rights,” he added.

The US envoy also appreciated that India set an inquiry commission to investigate the matter. “I think, strongly, but so far, everything that’s been asked of the Indian government has been done. And I would say vice versa. Whenever there are accusations in the other direction, we take that incredibly seriously,” Garcetti added.

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  • Notice how Democrat Party member Garcetti is literally gaslighting every Indian and Indian American. Pannun has openly told “Indo-Hindu” Canadians to leave Canada. Pannun also said last year “”We are asking the Sikh people not to fly via Air India. From November 19, there will be a global blockade. Air India won’t be allowed to operate. Sikh people, don’t travel by Air India after November 19. Your life can be in danger.” These aren’t my words, they are his. Just like the USA and Israel, India has the right to defend itself. And journalists need to start doing their job and calling out Garcetti’s lies.

    April 2, 2024

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