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TCS Wins Deal To Provide Tech Services To BBC

TCS-Wins-Deal-To-Provide-Tech-Services-To-BBC India West

TCS Wins Deal To Provide Tech Services To BBC

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MUMBAI – In a groundbreaking development, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) has clinched a multi-year partnership with the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) to spearhead a transform finance, payroll, and recruitment applications management.

Under the terms of the partnership agreement, TCS will embark on a digital transformation journey to revamp BBC’s finance operations, leveraging cutting-edge technology to expedite processes and drive greater efficiency. The integration of TCS’s expertise in finance, procurement, and HR applications management will further bolster the broadcaster’s core functions.

At the heart of this partnership lies TCS’s AI-driven collaboration suite, Cognix, which will play a pivotal role in driving successful outcomes.

In the quest to streamline the BBC’s payroll function, TCS will introduce a new platform with an integrated analytics layer, ensuring seamless and data-driven payroll management. Employing its unified operations model, TCS aims to streamline business processes and enable a holistic approach to problem diagnosis, further enhancing operational efficacy.

With over 45 years of unwavering commitment to the UK, TCS has solidified its position as the country’s leading IT services and software supplier in terms of revenue. Its extensive clientele includes over 200 top businesses, and it proudly employs more than 21,000 professionals across the UK and Ireland.

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