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Tech Startup CEO Gets Over 3K Resumes In 48 Hours

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Tech Startup CEO Gets Over 3K Resumes In 48 Hours

NEW DELHI, (IANS) – A Bengaluru-based tech startup founder and CEO took to Twitter to express his shock and wonder after receiving over 3,000 resumes in 48 hours for job postings on the company’s website.

“Received over 3K resumes in the last 48 hours just on our website — how bad is the job market?” tweeted Spring Works CEO Kartik Mandaville.

The CEO also stated that the job postings were not promoted on any platform and that all information was only available on the company’s website.

Asked by a user where he has been promoting the jobs, the CEO replied, “Nowhere as of now. That’s why I’m surprised”. Another user asked whether “it is usual or anything different in the past 48 hours?”, Mandaville said: “It’s been like this for the month, 12,500+ applications so far”.

On visiting the website, it revealed job openings for “permanently remote” positions in product, founders’ office, and software development engineer, among other areas.

Reacting to the post, a user commented, “Unemployment is at its peak, young people are desperate for jobs even if it has nothing to do with what they learned in college. And this frustration will cause civil unrest or mass protest by youth”.

“It’s very bad due to current layoffs in tech and AI being heavily used. There should be some protocol regarding this. So, companies can’t lay off employees as they wish,” another user said.

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