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Texas College Reinstates Johnson Varkey

Texas College Reinstates Johnson Varkey

Texas College Reinstates Johnson Varkey

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SAN ANTONIO, TX – Dr. Johnson Varkey is getting his job back at St. Philip’s College, a community college here, which had fired him a year ago for saying in class that sex is determined by X and Y chromosomes, consistent with human biology.

First Liberty Institute, a law firm that “defends religious liberty” said as an adjunct professor, Varkey taught Human Anatomy and Physiology at St. Philip’s College to more than 1,500 students for 22 years, where he taught the same principles. On November 28, 2022, four of his students walked out of his class for saying it just as he had been for several years.

Varkey’s termination letter, however, had accused the professor of making anti-LGBTQ+ comments, participating in “misogynistic banter” and engaging in other inappropriate classroom behavior.

As a Christian, Varkey wrote in his complaint he believes, “God has ordained the sexual function for procreation, that children are a gift from God, and that, absent a compelling reason, one should not sterilize oneself,” continuing, “Although these are my religious beliefs, I never mentioned them in class. I did not preach any of my beliefs in class,” he added. “Thus, the allegation that I conducted ‘religious preaching’ is unsubstantiated.”

First Liberty argued his teachings are supported by his education and experience in his field, as well as his religious beliefs but “throughout his employment, he never discussed with any student his personal views—religious or otherwise—on human gender or sexuality.”

As part of the settlement, the college guaranteed that Varkey would be back to teaching in Spring 2024. He will also receive an undisclosed monetary amount if he doesn’t receive a class in time, and he will teach two classes in Fall 2024.

“I love science and I love to teach,” Varkey said. “I am excited about returning to the classroom and am grateful to all those who helped me get my teaching job back.”

“We are happy that the Alamo Community College District voluntarily reinstated Dr. Varkey,”

First Liberty attorney Kayla Toney said. “He is excited by this outcome, and we are glad that the district did the right thing. Dr. Varkey looks forward to continuing to educate students.”

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