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The Pivot Point


The Pivot Point

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We have moved into a time of disbelief and distrust. Religions have turned into political parties. Faith in God has changed its meaning to seek victory to dominate others. Human intelligence has outstripped human wisdom. Children are being taught to hate other religions. The trajectory of increasing hate content is going to fast replace the prevailing goodwill around the world. The developing situation is likely to result in perpetual wars around the world.

Surrounded by modern weaponry and religious conflicts, we are living in an explosive time of constant floating anxiety and uncertainty. Scientific progress without ethics is disastrous but there is no uniformity of ethics due to religious differences. Ethics-free power impulse of scientific wonders now have a scope to meet the demands of people with an easy ride to power in a religious conflict.

With on-going inexorable scientific progress as well as religious conflicts, we are at a pivot point marked by both hope for a great future and a warning of a great disaster for humanity. Transformative events are now compelling us to usher in a new worldwide civilization with universally acceptable common values.

Looking through historical and current events, we can reflect with greater clarity and objectivity our values, our principles, and our experiences that have benefitted us or harmed us over the years. We must reexamine our values for the sake of our survival.

The United Nations is the only representative organization of humanity that can logically undertake the responsibility of ushering in the worldwide civilization by resolving differences in religious values.

The UN may now be equipped with a Dialectical System to identify the religious values that cause conflict and may also be empowered to resolve them. It is doable.

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