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Muslims And Non-Muslims Perceptions

Muslims And Non-Muslims Perceptions

From T.S. Khanna, Alamo, CA

Quite often, public perception of certain groups of people or of happenings is developed through short narratives or syllogisms, based on casual observations, not necessarily on true knowledge.  Negative perceptions, thus developed, are not necessarily of reality and cause public misunderstanding to a flash point.

Here, the purpose is to give sunlight to some of the prevailing perceptions or misperceptions so that they may be clarified at governments level for a better understanding between the Muslims and non-Muslims.

The perception or misperceptions are

· Muslims believe in Shahada: There is no other God, but Allah and Mohammad are the only Messenger of Allah.  It means, no other religion is recognized, and all non-Muslims are non-believers or “Kafirs” (Arabic).

· Muslim violence is driven by political ideology embedded in Islam: Muslims are soldiers of Allah and Kafirs are enemies of Allah.  It is the sacred duty of Muslims to capture, convert, or kill “Kafirs” —non-Muslims.

· Jihad, involving killing, raping, conversions, to advance the power of Islam is rewarded in heaven.

· Muslims believe that entire world population must be converted to Islam and eventually one Muslim Sultan will rule the world.

· Women are denied equality with men: A Muslim can have four wives and may divorce any one at any time at is discretion.  Honor killing of women by male members of the family is morally accepted.

· Under Sharia Law, in public view, women are stoned to death, men are beheaded, and thieves’ hands are cut off in full pain for adultery or apostasy.

· The concept of Muslim-Brotherhood has been established and often referred to as a threat of Muslim unity against non-Muslims—Kafirs.

· Islam cannot be separated from government: American type of Democracy, separating religion from government, cannot be acceptable in Islam.

The United Nations is urged to bring tension causing perceptions in public for an open discussion to defuse tensions. (This submission has not been edited.)

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  • I wish the media can write more to educate what Islam is ?

    December 10, 2023

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