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There Is A Growing Push Against Caste Bill

There-Is-A-Growing-Push-Against-Caste-Bill INdia West

There Is A Growing Push Against Caste Bill


As the hearing on the caste bill starts in the California Assembly, here is an update:

Over 130 diverse organizations, temples, and businesses on June 28 submitted letters opposing SB403.

In June, the Sikh community from Yuba City, California joined the fray, adding their voices to the resistance against official caste-based scapegoating.

Two prominent members of the California State Assembly, Evan Low and Alex Lee, who are from AAPI backgrounds and represent constituencies in the Bay Area, have also raised concerns about the rush to railroad this prejudicial bill through the legislature.

And, in a stunning development, 30 former and current employees of Cisco have gone public with their anguish about the case pursued against their colleagues and company by the California Civil Rights Department. They have petitioned California’s Governor, Gavin Newsom, for an independent inquiry to investigate the vicious conduct of the CRD during its witch hunt for non-existent ‘caste’ discrimination.

The Coalition of Hindus of North America has also sent its opposition letter critiquing the Legislative Analysis and why #SB403 is “unnecessary, is in violation of the 14th and First Amendments and unconstitutionally vague.”

(Prasad is a board member of Coalition of Hindus of North America.)

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  • I like the Caste Bill.

    Indians need to focus on adding the plumbers and smiths and gardeners and every other American Caste in the regulation and law.

    As far as the Varna System goes. California and US can pound sand. I am very clear to my American friends when we discuss the issue that if they want to join the ARYAN SUPER RACE legally as recognized by ARYAN GODS. There is just one way.

    Marry their sisters and daughters to an Aryan!

    On the issue of religion. Vaishnavism is on the move…..we need to find ways to allow people to join. Stop the Brahmins by
    1) Stopping their commercializing the religion. The profession is making a lot of money now
    2) Standardizing the religious practices for the followers outside of the temples
    3) Simplifying the religious practices for the followers
    4) Letting the Brahmin Priests perform the complex poojas at home like they were intended without the fanfare and MONEY. After all the job of the Brahmins was to pray for us all and not us praying for ourselves for hours

    July 5, 2023
  • I am personally totally against the despicable idea of casteism and its attendant caste discrimination as it exists in India. And I cannot readily deny that this despicable practice may have made its way to USA, though I personally have not experienced it, nor have any definite first-hand evidence. Having said that, I personally feel the issue should not make its way into the legal systemof this country. It has the potential to be misunderstood and misused by some interested parties to their advantage. It is for our own Indian community to correct this within our community by raising consciousness levels on this issue by publicizing it through our organizations and through our media outlets. We need not wash our dirty linen in public. That is just my opinion.

    July 5, 2023
  • Hope this is an eye-opener for all who lick Democrats shoes thinking of you sport a brown butt, you need to vote for Democrat.

    Good lesson.

    July 5, 2023
  • Everyone has a race, color and ancestry, but not everyone has a “caste.” Californian textbooks teach to the middle schoolers that caste discrimination is only a Hindu practice. In the American mind, erroneously, the Caste word is ingrained in Hinduism. Thus, the revised bill effectively targets only Hindus. Any caste-related discrimination is already covered under current laws. With this bill, increased Hinduphobia and bullying in schools are our concerns.

    July 6, 2023
  • Those mega temples build in US and Canada in last 20 yrs, with 200 forced Dalit labors will not
    vote in favor of SB-403.

    July 6, 2023
  • This Bill is anti-India and anti-Hindu introduced by a Palestinian American clearly targeting Hindus. What does she know about caste system?

    July 6, 2023

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