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Tips For Young Art Collectors in The Digital Era

Tips For Young Art Collectors in The Digital Era

NEW DELHI, (IANS) – The journey from an art enthusiast and appreciator to a collector requires study, patience, and perseverance. There are a few golden guiding rules one must follow to have a rewarding and gratifying art collection journey, says Roop Partap Choudhary, internationally acclaimed art collector.

Research and explore

The more one knows about the fascinating depths of art and the artist the more satisfying it will make the journey to acquiring the artwork. Investing time in researching and exploring opens doors to newer possibilities and newer avenues. The digital era has made gathering information relatively easy, but it is also important to know how to get the most trustworthy information and not get misguided.

Find your fondness

Art is a wide canvas, and one needs to know what exactly one wants to pursue. What inspires and what does one aspire for. Some choose heritage-inspired rare art, while some are motivated by contemporary art. Some find their pleasure in paintings while some find their attraction in digital art. There is a lot out there and enabled by digital resources one can find their interest.

Design a strategy

Building an art collection is not about spontaneity, it requires planning and strategizing. Once you know what you desire from your art collection it is important to make sure you steer in the right direction.

Networking is an art

The art world is fascinatingly complicated, finding the right things for your collection can prove to be almost like a treasure hunt. It is both helpful and effective to connect with the right people who can assist you in your journey of building a beautiful and meaningful collection.

Assurance of authenticity

With the boom in the digital world and the increasing role of digitization in the world of art acquisition, there is an increasing threat of frauds trying to dupe young art collectors. Beware of cheaters and make sure that you deal with only authorized and authentic people. One can never be too careful in this respect.

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