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Together There is Nothing That India And US Cannot Do: Garcetti

Together There is Nothing That India And US Cannot Do: Garcetti

NEW DELHI (ANI) – US Ambassador to India Eric Garcetti said here that both the countries, the United States and India are stronger together and there is nothing that the two countries cannot do together. While speaking at the 2023 Education USA “Study in the U.S.” university fair here on August 29, the envoy also stated that the Indian dream and the American dream are the same thing.

“This year, going around the country we have seen so much demand for Education USA university events because there is so much excitement. What I think at this moment between the United States and India is that Indians in India know Americans in America much better than Americans and Americans know India and Indians. But that’s beginning to change. Every business, every student, every government personnel in Washington is like ‘Tell me more about India’. So, I feel like I am kind of at the right place at the right time,” said Garcetti.

“I am here as an ambassador now, and this bridge that you are helping us build really shows the flip side of the same coin. The Indian dream and American dream are the same thing,” he added.

Garcetti during his remarks also highlighted Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s remarks during his recent State visit to the US when he acknowledged the momentous developments taking place between “another Al – America and India”, indicating the deepening relationship and significant progress between the two nations.

“Thank you to the American universities who say that we want Indian students. We going to produce great Indian students for you and vice versa. Every Indian student that comes through here, tell him or her to tell a classmate, you know, you should come to India, be an ambassador to India, learn something about India, study in India, work here in India. Because I believe that US and India are stronger together, and together there’s nothing we can’t do,” Garcetti said.

Education USA at the United States-India Educational Foundation, New Delhi, in collaboration with the US Embassy, hosted a university fair on August 29 to provide an opportunity for students and their parents to meet with representatives of 38 accredited universities and colleges from different parts of the United States.

American higher education institutions participating in the fair represent a diverse geographical and academic landscape and offer a range of academic programs at the undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral levels.

These in-person fairs are taking place across eight cities in India – Hyderabad, Mumbai, Pune, New Delhi, Ahmedabad, Kolkata, Chennai, and Bengaluru – till September 3.

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