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Trans Actor From ‘Made In Heaven’ Trinetra Haldar Says Her Transition Is Complete


Trans Actor From ‘Made In Heaven’ Trinetra Haldar Says Her Transition Is Complete

MUMBAI, (IANS) – Actress Trinetra Haldar, who was last seen in the streaming show ‘Made in Heaven’, has shared that she underwent facial transformation, recently.

On May 12, the actress took to her Instagram to share the news with her followers. She shared a picture of her face wrapped up in bandages in a graphic design.

She penned a long note in the caption as she called the process the ultimate step in her transformation journey.

She wrote: “Facial Feminization Surgery in Spain wasn’t just a vacation, chaotic sketches, and diary entries on opioids FFS is one of many interventions a trans person may undergo to feel more alignment between body and gender identity. Other gender-affirming interventions may include gender-affirming hormone therapy, gender-affirming genital surgery, etc. My transition is complete.”

She further said that she didn’t think this final step would happen anytime soon, but it has.

“I did this by myself, for myself, and still can’t believe it. Transition to me is deeply spiritual, and not the stuff of tabloids and speculative nonsense. I haven’t talked about wanting FFS at all mostly out of fear of public scrutiny and judgement, but why shy away from something so important in this journey of accessing myself? Who cares what anybody thinks or believes? Truth be told, I’ve wanted this for a decade, and there were lots of reasons to wait. I ticked them all off one by one.”

She added: “An actor was recently trolled into sheepishly admitting he had chin filler, and a topper was trolled for (not doing anything about) her facial hair in the face of obvious academic merit. Screwed if you do, screwed if you don’t, clearly. There is only this one body, this one life. If there is gender dysphoria, it must be dealt with. I’ve lost count of how many people in the industry I’ve met who’ve had work done and will deny intervention. To each their own, but I do not wish to contribute to a culture of opacity that thrives on making masses of young people insecure.”

“I have no interest in promoting bodily intervention, but I do believe in transparency, as has always been the case, especially as a doctor. My reasons were gender affirmation and confidence therefrom, as extensively deliberated on over years of therapy. Others may have their own. Doing this alone hasn’t been easy, but my god, I’m convinced I’m f invincible,” she concluded.

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