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Tri Colored Ghewar

Tri Colored Ghewar

By Chef Kush Koli

Ingredients for Ghewar

¼ cup ghee

¼cup chilled full cream milk

2 cups all-purpose flour

4 and ½ cup water (Chilled)

1 pinch of yellow food color

Ghee (Or oil for frying)

For Sugar Syrup

1 and ½ cup sugar

1 cup water

10-12 strands of saffron

2-3 cardamom (crushed)

For Malai Rabdi

1 lt full cream milk

¼cup sugar

2-3 drops of kewda essence

¼teaspoon cardamom powder

Dry fruits for garnishing

For Orange Color

Blanched carrot puree- 2 tbsp (carrot-30 gm + food glaze 1/4 tbsp)

For White Color

Use Rabdi

For Green Color

Edible beetle leaves (balanced and puréed) 3pc

Food glaze -1/4 tbsp


In a bowl whisk ghee and milk till light and fluffy.

Add maida and whisk well. Add water and make a runny batter without any lumps. (If lumps are formed, strain the batter through a soup strainer)

Add the food color and mix well.

Take a small saucepan (4 inches) and fill with ghee till half and heat the ghee on high flame.

When the ghee is very hot, pour a ladle of batter from at least 1 foot high in the center of the pan at a steady speed and as fast as you can.

Do not simmer over the heat. The batter will splutter a lot. Be very careful at this stage. If the batter starts to overflow, stop pouring more batter.

Let the bubbles in the ghee settle down. Pour another ladle of batter on top of the previous batter. (Always mix the batter before pouring)

Let it cook for a minute. Repeat the process 3-4 times.

Make a hole in the center with a skewer. Let the Ghevar fry on high heat till it is browned from the top.

Remove the Ghevar from Ghee using a fork. Keep it on a tilted plate so that the extra ghee is removed.

For the Sugar Syrup

Heat sugar and water in a pan. Add saffron and cardamom. Heat until one-string sugar syrup is formed. (One string will be formed if you take a little sugar syrup in between your thumb and finger and pull it)

For the Malai Rabdi

Heat milk in a heavy-bottom pan. Cook till it is reduced to half. Add sugar and cardamom powder. Cook till it is reduced to one quarter.

Add kewda essence. Assembling the Ghevar. Dip the Ghevar in sugar syrup for 10 seconds on each side. Remove it from a plate using a fork.

Pour malairabdi on top. Now layer it with orange, white and green color.

Garnish with almond and pistachio slivers.

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