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Tropical Fruit Jelly

Tropical Fruit Jelly

By Chef Vaibhav Bhargava

Servings: 4


Coconut milk 350ml

Kafir lime 2 leaf

Oranges dice 40gm

Lychee juice 30ml

Coconut water all from the shell

Orange juice 350ml

Salt a pinch

Sugar to taste

Kiwi dices 40gm

Agar agar 15 grams 


Boil coconut Milk: Now place a saucepan on flame and pour coconut milk dissolved in coconut water and let it boil, add sugar, kafir lime and wait until it releases flavor, then remove from flame.

Dissolve agar: Place another pot or saucepan on flame and pour about 150 ml of water and add the agar into it. Switch the flame to high mode and let it boil well, wait until dissolves. Wait patiently, it will dissolve after about 10 to 15 minutes of time.

Now make the kiwi puree and put it in boiling water as per consistency. Once it starts boiling add agar agar and let it dissolve. Add litchi juice to adjust the sweetness once the mixture is completely dissolved remove it from the flame and put it in a glass jar for the layer to set.

Now pour one-third of the agar agar into hot coconut milk and stir well. Add a little salt also. Now cut the oranges and take out the chunks. add orange juice for boiling, add agar agar, and let it dissolve, once done add orange segments into it. Layer the glass jar with the second layer of coconut milk and keep it in the fridge for setting the layer. once done take it out and put the third layer with orange juice.

Refrigerate or let it set at room temperature, but refrigeration will help quicken the process.

Use a ladle to pour the mixture and be very gentle while pouring, see that there are no air bubbles while you pour. Try pouring equal levels to make sure it looks good. Refrigerate or set aside until it sets well.

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