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Trump Calls Milwaukee Debaters ‘Pretenders To Throne, Second Tier’

Trump Calls Milwaukee Debaters ‘Pretenders To Throne, Second Tier’

WASHINGTON, DC (IANS) – Former US President Donald Trump has mocked the Republican Presidential primary debate, hosted by Fox TV, saying that the debate was one of the “lowest rated ever” and showed that many of those participating are “second tier” and merely “pretenders to the throne”.

This indicates that none of them feature in his list to ride on his ticket for vice president, even though Indian entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy said he would love to ride on his ticket and successfully raised $450,000 from his supporters soon after the debate. If Trump were to win the nomination, there is speculation that Marjorie Green Taylor, representative, could be his running mate, as she is a staunch loyalist. 

Trump lashed out against Fox News y, criticizing the network’s first GOP primary debate on August 23 night. The former President posted the remarks on his social media platform, Truth Social.

“Some of the answers were so bad, with delivery even worse. The numbers were less than half what I had in 2016, not a good way to start the fight against Crooked Joe Biden, and his Lunatic Thugs. We will not let this happen. MAGA!” Trump said.

However, Fox TV claimed the debate was television’s best-performing non-sports program of the year.

Only two of the candidates, former New Jersy Governor Chris Christie, and Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchison literally declined to endorse Trump, claiming the legal authorities could take recourse under the 14th amendment to debar him from contesting as the provision does not permit any citizen indicted or convicted of conspiracy or criminal conspiracy to contest the presidential elections.

About 13 million people watched the show, compared to about 20 million who tuned in for the first Republican presidential debate in 2015, at the beginning of Trump’s first White House bid.

Though it’s a dramatic fall from the 2015 ratings, the Milwaukee debate is considered a success, by a section of the US media as it says as millions of Americans cut cords, and Fox News managed to capture the most eyeballs for the show in recent times, reports said.

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