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Trump On Debate: Vivek Wins Because He Thinks I’m Great


Trump On Debate: Vivek Wins Because He Thinks I’m Great

WASHINGTON, DC (ANI) – Heaping praise on his Republican rival, former President Donald Trump termed Vivek Ramaswamy the winner of the fourth GOP debate. It was a predictable reaction with the Indian American largely seen as auditioning to an audience of one: Trump.

Having dropped precipitously in the polls, Vivek Ramaswamy has been making loud statements and attacking opponents, especially Nikki Haley, and has been termed by another GOP presidential aspirant Christ Christie as a “blowhard.” Pundits and rivals have said that the Indian American with his unwavering support of Trump, even those that are seen as anti-democratic have been echoed by him to land a spot in Trump’s inner circle and maybe even on the ticket as Trump has not yet announced who will be running mate.

“So many people are asking what I thought of history’s lowest rated ‘presidential’ debate, and how would I rate the players. It’s so easy to be a critic, but who on this subject would be better than me,” Trump posted on Truth Social on December 9.

Trump posted, “Birdbrain looked different and lost, but I give her second place,” he quipped, referring to Nikki Haley. “Vivek WINS because he thinks I’m great,” Trump added.
However, despite the former president’s praise, Ramaswamy has faced scrutiny over his performance in the debate earlier this week, in which he called Haley a “fascist” and claimed Christie’s “version of foreign policy experience was closing a bridge from New Jersey to New York,” The Hill reported.
Republican strategist Scott Jennings said that most people do not like the “below-the-belt punches”. He noted that while Ramaswamy may have tried to act in the style of Trump, it did not work for him.

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  • Trump is leading by 51% and Vivek is ahead of the The corrupt woman aka BirdBrain.

    December 12, 2023

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