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Trump Praises Vivek Ramaswamy Because “He Only Has Nice Things To Say About Me”

Trump-Praises-Vivek-Ramaswamy-Because-He-Only-Has-Nice-Things-To-Say-About-Me IndiaWest India West

Trump Praises Vivek Ramaswamy Because “He Only Has Nice Things To Say About Me”

WASHINGTON, DC (ANI) – Former US President Donald Trump has praised entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy for doing well in the recent Republican Primary poll, CBS YouGov. The Indian American is making a long-shot bid for the Republican nomination for President running against Trump himself.

Trump was clear in his statement on social media: he likes Ramaswamy as he has only nice things to say about him and all the work carried out by the Trump administration.

“He is tied with Mike Pence and seems to be on his way to catching Ron DeSanctimonious. The thing I like about Vivek is that he only has good things to say about “President Trump,” and all that the Trump Administration has so successfully done – This is the reason he is doing so well. In any event, good luck to all of them, they will need it!” he added.

Ramaswamy has said his was not just a political campaign, “but a cultural movement.”

“Faith, patriotism, and hard work have disappeared. Wokeism, climatism, and gender ideology have replaced them. We hunger for purpose yet cannot answer what it means to be an American. We long for that answer,” he added.

In a CBS News/YouGov survey of likely Republican primary voters, Ramaswamy was slightly ahead of Nikki Haley.

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  • Trump may look at Ramaswamy as VP. And that also may be Ramaswamy’s goal especially knowing that he cannot possibly win.

    The game may also be to get Ramaswamy’s name out there to the voters and see what kind of support he gets for his ideas. He best matches the Trump business and growth mindset and softens the WHITE SUPREMACIST narrative also.

    Has no political baggage too.

    May 8, 2023
  • He is more intelligent and articulate than Nikki Haley. He has lot of potential if not 2024… beyond .

    May 8, 2023
  • He wants a job in the Cabinet or US ambassador to India. Nothing else. Look at Buttigeg or Harris. They were both in the primaries with NO hope to win. But got cabinet jobs or higher. Loom at Vivek Murthy, though not in the primaries, he did a lot of SUCKING UP to OBAMA. They are all copying these people. Indians are good at SUCKING UP and Vivek is doing it too.

    May 15, 2023

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