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US Tech Jobs Still Hot Amid Mass Layoffs

US Tech Jobs Still Hot Amid Mass Layoffs

US Tech Jobs Still Hot Amid Mass Layoffs

SAN FRANCISCO, CA (IANS) – As tech companies continue to slash jobs, the demand for tech positions has not diminished in the US, with eight of the top 10 “best jobs” this year being technology roles.

According to data by the job portal Indeed, the tech jobs in high demand are full-stack developers at the top spot, followed by data engineers, cloud engineers, senior product managers, and back-end developers, among others.

Almost half, about 44 per cent, of the top 25 were tech jobs in the US market, reported CNBC, citing the data.

All jobs on Indeed’s annual list “pay annual salaries that are above the national average”.

At least 10 percent of advertised positions offer remote or hybrid work.

Industries like retail, finance, professional services, travel, government, aerospace, health care are looking for people with tech skills.

The report came as tech firms like Google, Amazon, Meta, Microsoft, IBM, SAP, Salesforce, Spotify, and others announced mass layoffs.

European software giant SAP joined the parade of tech companies laying off staff, announcing on Thursday that it was cutting about 2,900 jobs after the iconic US tech company IBM said it was slashing about 3,900 jobs.

Deeper layoffs are coming in 2023 as most business economists have predicted that their companies will cut payrolls in the coming months.

According to a report in CNN citing a new survey, only 12 per cent of economists — surveyed by the National Association for Business Economics (NABE) — anticipate employment will increase at their firms over the next three months, “down from 22 percent this fall”.

This is the first time since the early days of the Covid pandemic that more business leaders anticipate jobs shrinking at their firms.

The findings indicate “widespread concern about entering a recession this year”, according to NABE President Julia Coronado.

More than 70,000 employees have been sacked by over 166 tech companies this year to date.

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  • Tech workers in the USA should get new jobs easily. Companies looking for workers will pick them up versus filing for H1 Visas for workers in India.
    Before tech workers have to start worrying: H1 Applications and pending applications should see a huge drop and demand for workers by the smaller and mid size companies should die off.

    January 27, 2023

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