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Vijay Babu Charged with Sexual Assault

Vijay Babu Charged with Sexual Assault

KOCHI (IANS) – The police in Kerala have booked Malayalam actor-producer Vijay Babu for alleged sexual assault of a female actor.

Soon after the news surfaced, Vijay Babu appeared live on his social media handle, claiming that he was the ‘real victim’ in this case, adding that he would take appropriate legal steps against the complainant, whom he also named.

Police are now planning to register a second case against Vijay Babu for disclosing the name of the complainant.

The complinant accused Vijay Babu of raping her multiple times at a flat in Kochi, and even recording an obscene video of her. She accused the actor of intoxicating her before the sexual abuse.

Even before the police are yet to record Vijay Babu’s statement, the actor took to social media and said, “Since I have done nothing wrong, I am least afraid as to what’s in store for me. I also know the laws of the country about ‘Me Too’ allegations. I am disclosing the name of the lady. I have decided to take legal steps against this lady and it includes filing a hefty defamation suit. I have all the records with me to prove my innocence,” said Babu.

“I am the victim in this case as I know how pained are my mother, my family, friends and well-wishers because of this baseless complaint. But I am not going to sit idle, I will fight it out and let it be a new beginning in such cases,” he said.

According to reports, the police tried to trace Vijay Babu after hearing that he was in Goa, but he is now understood to be in Dubai.

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