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Wazir Patar Talks About ‘Kohrra’ Soundtrack

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Wazir Patar Talks About ‘Kohrra’ Soundtrack

NEW DELHI, (IANS) – In the recently released hit Barun Sobit starrer, ‘Kohrra,’ which is an enigmatic series delving into crime investigations, the background music emerges as a star player.

Wazir Patar, a popular figure in the Punjabi rap music scene, known for blending traditional tunes with electronic beats, has provided the background music score for the show, infusing life into the narrative.

Expressing his contribution to the show, Wazir said, “I have always seen myself as a storyteller, conveying tales from my homeland Punjab through musical notes and songs. When the team of ‘Kohrra’ approached me and explained the storyline, I knew exactly which songs from my repertoire would complement the story and amplify the emotions.”

“I am delighted that the entire team behind ‘Kohrra’ maintained authenticity while approaching the soundtrack, just as they did with all the other elements while creating the series,” he added.

The show promises to take viewers through the shadowed alleys of Punjab, and Patar’s compositions in ‘Kohrra’ add a unique flavor to the atmospheric soundscape, enhancing the storytelling experience. Whether it’s discovering a murder, a thrilling police chase, or moments of familial drama, Patar’s music seamlessly blends with the visual storytelling, intensifying the impact of each scene. It draws viewers deeper into the layered narrative, sequentially unfolding with its set tones, creating an immersive world of suspense and intrigue.

‘Kohrra’ is currently airing on Netflix.

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